818's mission is to give your project all the benefits of traditional PR, while providing the essential digital-cut-through and social media influence needed to create success.

At 818, we understand that even in the digital age, we are in the people game – which means we aren’t afraid to meet up over a coffee or get on the phone to thrash out an idea or angle to make sure we get what you need for your project.

We have an outstanding network of industry relationships which allows us to work closely with leading journalists, social influencers and digital communities to generate interesting and entertaining content that will connect with your target audiences.

Our approach ensures those audiences have the tools they need to be ambassadors for your project, multiplying your influence far beyond the reach of a news article or social media page.

We understand the production process, as well as international markets and needs, and make it our priority to understand the unique requirements of your project at the outset.

At 818, we have a proven track record of high-quality, successful projects that make us one of the most respected and trusted players in the local entertainment space.